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The joint project KIE-Lab: Customer Innovation Lab Electric Mobility – Customer-driven development of electric mobility services, is conducted by the Research Institute for innovative work design and Prevention (FIAP) e.V. in Gelsenkirchen, in cooperation with the Dortmund energy and water supply GmbH (DEW21). It started at the end of 2013 and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (CSC 01FE13050). A series of high quality Value Partners will also be involved to complement our project. 

Our goal is to build the new innovation instrument KIE-Lab and with the participation of customers to develop electro mobility services that can be converted into a functional business model. These services combine the classic holding-oriented mobile usage habits of customers (within the meaning of "I own a car that is always available and for which I carry all costs") with modern, user-oriented electrical mobility (e.g. car sharing) and thus create added value for all involved.

Learn more about the status quo and the project developments under Events. The KIE-Lab Profile contains the background and project objectives. For an informative overview of all project participants, see Partners.